What shoe company is Kyrie with now? (2024)

What shoe company is Kyrie with now?

Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving has signed a shoe deal with Chinese based sports brand ANTA, after being cut loose from Nike last year. Irving will have a signature shoe with the brand, which also sponsors Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson, and Charlotte Hornets forward Gordon Hayward.

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Who does Kyrie have a shoe deal with now?

After being dropped by Nike in 2022, the point guard has signed with Chinese sneaker company ANTA. Irving's signature shoe with the company is set for an early 2024 release, and he will serve as the company's chief creative officer as part of the deal.

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What shoe company is Kyrie Irving signed to?

Dallas Mavericks point guard Kyrie Irving signed a five-year footwear and apparel contract with the Chinese brand ANTA in June.

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Why did Kyrie switch to ANTA?

Irving's deal with ANTA followed a split from Nike over the point guard's decision to post a link to a movie that contained antisemitic messages on his Twitter account.

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Who else is signed with ANTA?

Currently, Anta's list of basketball athletes includes Klay Thompson, Gordon Hayward, Kevon Looney, Daniel Gafford, Precious Achiuwa, and of course, Irving. Anta's NBA debut came by way of Luis Scola, who signed in 2007.

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How much is Austin Reaves shoe deal?

But things are picking up for Reaves off the court as well as it was recently revealed that the Lakers guard is finalizing a shoe deal with Chinese shoe company Rigorer. The deal is expected to be worth over $1 million per year and will give Reaves his own signature shoe.

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How much does Kyrie make off shoes?

Irving recently posted on Twitter that his shoes generated more than $2.6 billion in revenue during the past seven years.

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What brand is Kyrie 7?

The Nike Kyrie 7 Ripple (GS) is a stylish and functional sneaker from Nike. It features a trendy design and is perfect for active kids.

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What is Kyrie shoe?

Kyrie Irving's Nike silhouettes are considered some of the best in basketball. Coupled with sleek design, Kyries are built with advanced cushioning technology, mesh paneling and innovative traction for ultimate on-court performance.

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Does Klay Thompson have a shoe deal?

Thompson has a ten-year deal with Chinese shoe brand Anta worth $80 million before bonuses and royalties. He is also a cofounder of Just Live CBD.

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What does Anta Kyrie mean?

11 surrounded by mirrored Ks, which Anta says not only represents Kyrie, but also “knowing oneself.” Less overtly, the logo is also intended as a reflection of the Dallas Mavericks point guard's “focus, agility, and speed on the court, as well as his commitment to family and community off the court.”

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Why did Kyrie switch to 11?

11 goes even deeper than his father's college jersey. He was born at 1:11, there are 11 letters in "Kyrie Irving," the letter "K" is the 11th letter in the alphabet, he played 11 games at Duke before being selected first overall in the 2011 NBA Draft and he scored his 11,000th NBA point on March 11.

What shoe company is Kyrie with now? (2024)
Is Anta bigger than Nike?

Anta Sports Products Limited is a Chinese sports equipment multinational corporation headquartered in Jinjiang, China. It is the world's largest sports equipment company by revenue and third-largest manufacturer of sporting goods overall, behind Nike and Adidas.

Is Fila owned by Anta?

The Chinese sportswear company Anta Sports Products Limited recently signed an agreement with the famous footwear producer Belle to build brand, planning to acquire two of the group's subsidiaries. One of them is Full Prospect, which owns and manages Fila.

Does Anta own Wilson?

Anta Sports — a brand often called “the Nike of China” — is reportedly weighing an initial public offering of Amer Sports, the owner of sportswear and equipment brands including tennis racket maker Wilson and Louisville Slugger. In 2018, Anta purchased Amer in a deal valued at $5.2 billion.

Who sponsors Austin Reaves?

Lakers News: Austin Reaves Signs Extension With Rigorer That Includes Equity Partnership. Following an impressive rookie season, Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves signed a shoe deal with Chinese sportswear brand Rigorer, becoming the company's first NBA endorser.

What brand is Aaron Gordon shoes?

361° Aaron Gordon Basketball Shoes.

How much will Ja's shoes cost?

The Ja 1s, which cost $110, will be available in many more retail stores starting May 4. They were also made available Wednesday on the Nike app and website.

How does Kyrie Irving make money?

Kyrie Irving's contract with the Brooklyn Nets

Irving signed a four-year, $136 million guaranteed contract with the Nets in 2019, which is set to expire at the end of this season. This came out to an average salary of approximately $34 million per year.

How much has Kyrie Irving made in his career?

Running it back with Luka Dončić, Kyrie's new deal will push his career earnings over $275 million, with the likelihood of him receiving one more deal after this one.

How much was Kyrie Irving deal with Nike worth?

After Losing $11 Million Sneaker Deal With Nike, Here Is How Kyrie Irving Is Using His Freedom. A couple of months ago, Kyrie Irving was in the headlines for arguably his biggest controversy. The Brooklyn Nets star was labeled to be antisemitic after sharing the link to a controversial movie.

Is it Kyrie 8 or 9?

Presumably, the basketball shoe would be called the Nike Kyrie 9. However, according to Irving, the unreleased model will be called the Nike Kyrie 8. Irving would eventually wear the shoes - rebranded as the Nike Kyrie Infinity in just 29 games during the 2021-22 season.

Is Kyrie Infinity Kyrie 8?

Weight and Sizing

The Nike Kyrie Infinity is Kyrie Irving's 2021-22 signature shoe, but we're not entirely sure what the brand would call them as some retailers instead listed them as the Nike Kyrie 8.

How much do Kyrie 7 daughters cost?

The shoe has a lightly speckled Phylon midsole with an AirZoom Turbo unit in the forefoot. The Nike Kyrie 7 Daughters Azurie was released on September 13, 2021 at a retail price of $130.

Does Kyrie have his own shoe brand?

Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving has signed a shoe deal with Chinese based sports brand ANTA, after being cut loose from Nike last year. Irving will have a signature shoe with the brand, which also sponsors Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson, and Charlotte Hornets forward Gordon Hayward.

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